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Worms Level 2

Are you looking for something amazing and exciting in terms of flash games? If yes, you will be interested in the game presented in this article. The name of the game is Worms Level 2. This is already the second installment from the series created by Louissi. This particular edition was released in 2005 and have been serving wonderful entertainment from quite some time. The main character in this game is an invertebrate living down under. This has a unique mission and story that you will find out on the next paragraph.

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As mentioned a while ago, there will be a cute invertebrate or a worm that will be on an adventure underground. It will act as a great worm fighting and defeating zombie worms lurking below the ground. The player will control the main worm and must utilize the sword and gun given in order to kill and eliminate zombie worms and reach the safe exit.

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