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cursed Treasure 4

Cursed Treasure 4 is a flash game which is the fourth in a series of flash games Cursed Treasure called. Like the series mentioned, like this game is way better than a single game for two reasons. The first is the longevity of the game after a series of versions provided or installments. Second, the entertainment brought to players is continuing and growing. Cursed Treasure 4 is a tower defense game requires strategy and planning from the players. If you want some details about it, justclick above or continue reading the full article now!

As mentioned above, this is a tower defense game in which focus more on defense, but refine the strike action. Since this was the fourth part or version, a song of hope for change. Some of them are other levels more complex plot and others. The goal is still the same which is to protect the three towers built by the player himself. Each tower contains a gemstone is precious and must be protected at all times.

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