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3D Driving

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Description and How to Play?

A different areas, entertainment and 3D driving game of a new beta version of the car in the car using the game. Simulation and simulation car vehicles will participate in the games category Unity3D work with. It may take some time according to load size. Driving 3D Game Cars, Renault Clio Sport (the CityCar) Ferrari (a powerful sports car) Catamount (a powerful sports car) gmc Sierra Grande (an offroad vehicle)

Game joystick,
 the keyboard arrow keys or WASD keys we use the garage space (space) key
 Hand brake C keys,
change the camera angle (see inside, outside view, see below, etc.) R button,
 the vehicle regenerates (revised, making it suitable for driving),
the X button, use the clutch (on record)
F and V keys to change gears (upgrade equipment
F, V turn down) (move depending on preference) iN key will start the engine

Shift + R when you key in combination car repair is done (loaded vehicle)

PageUp and PageDown simulation package with keys between vehicles passed along to change the technical hardware and related software tools you choose to use keys B to see the change of the system I use keys hanging silk meters and to turn the cycle indicator N use the keyboard. M key and we shut the open upper right corner of the map is to slow our F1 game using the buttons (slow motion), for example, you made a good pass to the vehicle when the key F1 in a time when you can live better. Soccer F12 to turn the car, we used the car keys to restart the simulation ESC, use the key, then press the ESC key for 5-10 seconds you can hold. Note: The game control keys and the function of the vehicle 3d using our games, 3d games on our site games city driver 3D and 3D Driving similar games. You can try the information and advice in this game in this game. Driving 3D games from a square, an important hub for the game; - Game "Full Screen Play." Can play in solving your buttons and screen size - Haritay key M after the game is on, the N key for speed and you can turn off the tachometer. - Car keys with the car view (camera) you can change the angle. - To switch between vehicles, (different vehicles to choose from) PageUp or PageDown PC, notebook (laptop) computer PgUp or PgDn for on your keyboard. (Figure 2) good game. Remember, 3D Driving our site similar to other games 3d car games you can play.

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