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Creed Chronicles Assassin

In the next 04/03 days, AAG fiber optic network will be maintained, so gamers should look to the game Vietnam or offline, with quality instead of trying to enjoy online games overseas with high ping very uncomfortable

The titles in this list are fairly new and are appreciated in the gaming community in the world, we certainly would cost you hundreds of hours of gameplay in the neck to wait long day AAG fiber repaired.

The plot of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India revolves around blooded assassin India Arbaaz Mir - who received the task to win back the treasure was stolen by organized rescue Templar and his dream lover. Perhaps also because 2.5D gameplay friendly version than the mainstream games that Ubisoft would dare put a bold script "cheesy" as such in Assassin's Creed

In AsCreed Chronicles Assassinsassin's Creed Chronicles: India, players will have the opportunity to be involved in the conflict between the two forces is the Sikh dynasty and the British East India Company in 1841. In Mir Arbaaz assassin role and tasks of the game defense is to recapture an important antiques items belonging to Congress from the hands of assassins and Templars organized rescue "mystery woman" who escape from enemy hands - characterized fairy story pretty "cheesy" but proved suitable for an away game like Assassin's Creed Chronicles scene: India.

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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India was released on 12/1 as a download for the platform PS4, Xbox One and PC. The final part of the series according to Ubisoft revealed will take place in Russia and launched in early February.

As for the series Assassin's Creed Key, recently appeared some rumors that Ubisoft would not release any version of the game in 2016 with the purpose of creating time to rest for the development team looking for new ideas . The cause of the delay is said to be derived from the failure of Unity 2014 version and even influence spread to the Syndicate in 2015 last. Finally, unofficial sources said that the Assassin's Creed introduced in 2017 will be set in Egypt with the main character is a slave.
Life is Strange Limited Edition
Introducing the first time at Gamescom 2014, the Life is Strange attracted the attention of many viewers because the main characters are women with the ability to turn back to the past of her.

In Life is Strange, you play as Max Caulfiel on a journey to find friends at school were mysteriously missing. As shown in the trailer above, using his special abilities Max regularly return the past to prevent the tragedy took place, although the behavior was a huge influence to the events in the future.

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