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Duck Life

 you have an idea about Duck Life World? Is it a type of club about sports? Is it a title of a television series or a movie? Or is it an example of a flash game? If your answer pertains to the last option or choice, you are totally right. Duck Life World is not only a flash game but a compilation too. This contains a series of games which are all related to each other making it a great game series. Obviously, this is about a duck which will take part on an adventure in different environment.

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Duck Life World is a compilation of great games. The story of the game that will eventually evolve as the series progresses starts when a player who owns a farm was devastated due to the fact that a tornado has demolished all his belongings and properties leaving him a single duck egg. In order to regain all his fortune, he must take good care of the egg until it hatches. Train it to become the greatest duck ever. There are five editions which you can find in this compilation. They are Duck Life 1 to 5. 

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