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Turkey Bombers Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving is over, you shouldn’t ignore this game. Turkey Bomber Thanksgiving is a fun shooter where the object is to blow up turkeys into nice thanksgiving meals while avoiding killing Indians and Pilgrims. This game is a physics-based puzzles game to create turkey meals on 

In this Turkey Bombers Thanksgiving game, your goal is to solve physics-based puzzles to create turkey meals! Use teleporters, magnets, and other objects in the environment to kill all the turkeys. Make sure the pilgrims stay alive! Use your mouse to aim and adjust power. Left-Click to shoot timed bombs. They will explode after 3 seconds. Kill all of the turkeys and keep all humans alive.

The level designs are just right. They’re tough, but not to the point of frustration. You have a lot of objects that will help and hinder you in the way such as timed bombs, exploding barrels, magnets that change the course of your cannonball, and more. You’ll spend a good amount of time playing this game and it’s well designed gameplay.
A good game to play even if it’s not Thanksgiving anymore.

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