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Red Velvet Cake Sara’s has today launched new tween gaming app ‘Sara’s Cooking Class’. Based on the most popular desktop game on, an online social-gaming platform tailored to girls with 50 million monthly active users worldwide, the app encourages tweengirls to ‘cook’ different recipes with the help of a friendly cartoon chef named Sara.
Forget a messy kitchen, waiting forever for the oven to bake your cake then waiting another age for it to cool to decorate – Sara’s cooking class lets girls with a passion for all things sparkly and girly, prepare, cook and decorate their creations all online games.

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The game is the final product of lot’s of research. Sara’s cooking class was designed and produced based on conversations with lots of Tween ( 8-12 year old) girls and lots of important facts relating to that age range.
Sara’s cooking class has a special surprise for you. Today she will teach us how to make a red velvet cake. Red Velvet Cake Sara’s Cooking Class. Make this Valentine’s Day special and delicious! With a red velvet chocolate cake prepared, decorated and served with smiles by the lovely and talented Sarah in the kitchen. So follow her instructions step by step and you will learn a new delicious recipe. Depending on how fast and accurate you were you will receive a score and a good grade in the class.

Instructions: Click the various kitchen utensil and food items and follow the in game instructions to whip up a delicious red velvety chocolate cake.
Outside is topped with a yummy cream and the inside is filled with delicious cake. The surprise awaits you when you cut a slice; it’s all red! Just like it’s not real!
Howtoplay: Carefully follow Sara’s instructions to make this super-indulgent dessert. Complete each step as quickly as possible to earn bonus points and show off your know-how to friends!
This game is recreate this rich, three-tiered tower of temptation!

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