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Thứ Năm, 14 tháng 7, 2016

Heads Up

-Play with a friend, or a hundred at a time.
-Draws a new card simply by tilting your phone.
-Keep the video of your fun game play for your own amusement, or share them on Facebook.
-Diversity lets you challenge your friends smartypants and entertain your child for hours, all from one application!

With 40 + theme decks packed to the brim with exciting card game, the fun will never stop!

The floor consists of:
-Focal points
-The characters
-And much much more!
It is The New York Times called a "feeling", and Cosmopolitan said "the dollar would be good for you."Heads up! is fun and funny game from Ellen DeGeneres she played on her show, and you can play with your friends!

From naming celebrities, to singing, to silly seal-guess the word on the card is on your head from the clue your friends before time runs out!

Play one of the many interesting categories, or create a category all your own!
Games-nighters, the application is here.

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=>> Dice With Buddies Free - Fun New Social Game to Play with Friends

Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 7, 2016

Dice With Buddies Free - Fun New Social Game to Play with Friends

Apple Watch functions:
• Now with Apple Watch you'll wait your turn, your opponent scores, and recent conversations.
Connection and challenge players on Facebook:
• Play with your friends and the game will track your competition! Use the chat to talk to friends and rivals heckle.

Chat in your game:
• Encourage your friend or get into a war with your opponent!
Game Features:

free games anytime, anywhere:
• Put your skills to the test and put into a new Dice Master every day!

Daily challenges means there is always something new to do:
• Go with the flow or hard roll to your opponent. You can even play in the game to roll scratchers bonus! Never get stuck waiting for your friends!

• classic board game goes wherever you do. Playing at home with the family or on the go!

Compete in tournaments:
• Beat the competition and claim great rewards! New PREMIUM tournaments available now!

new boss every day:

Dice mania is a comprehensive pandemic and the game just got better! Dice with family and friends, or to find new online opponents! With our brand NEW Custom Dice, improved interface, Dice Master and PREMIUM Showdown tournament, play has never been easier or more fun!
===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as:  gun mayhem, can your pet,  age of war. It will be very interesting for you there

Pick your dice and is ready to roll up some fun in the Dice With Friends!
Download this game classic dice the whole family can enjoy! Download Dice With friends for a social experience new game board fun.
* Dice With Friends ™ rated as 1 Dice game in the App Store! *

Please do not hesitate to contact us at with questions, concerns or suggestions!
=>>Gun Mayhem 3

Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 6, 2016

Gun Mayhem 3

After the successful game Gun Mayhem 2 now we have to upgrade, it is considered a great online action game that includes the use of a gun to shoot opponents and overcome levels. In this form of the game, players have up to 4 opponents and has the option to choose his mode play. Choose a character and get through the different levels of the game is extremely interesting. Use guns and different characters is more special. Game Gun Mayhem 3

SMGs, sniper, Shotguns, ARS, firearms and other special weapons that can be used by players. It is great to have this kind of action game with all the effects online. Selected to play a game genre fighting for players interested to know more about how to use guns and keep them motivated to action games online. Is a platform shooter series, it was impressed with the visual effects and sound. Players feel like carrying on a battle with guns. To retrieve tasks and get to the next level, players need to beat the opponent or pass to go to the next level when you unlock the character.

Modes Of Play And Keys

Gun Mayhem 3 features 3 modes of play namely campaign mode, deathmatch mode and survival mode. In the campaign mode, the player has to defeat the bosses in the arenas. It is a must for the player to Overcome the boss to unlock all the extra characters and get to Higher Levels. Player can form a game with his custom in the deathmatch mode teams. In this mode, the player with his teams have settings and rules and game play takes place in a combat style blood bath. When the player chooses to play in survival mode, as many enemies he phải defeat as im possible to get the game.

Players can use keys for movement and action khác in the game as follows

Left arrow key - move left

Right arrow key - move right

Up arrow key - Jumps

Down arrow key - Block

Z key - the first attack

X - the second attack

Controls for player 2 include

W - Up or jump

A - move left

S - block or down

D - move right

T - shoot

Y - throw bomb

The settings and keys for first 2 players are the same. Keys and controls for the rest of the layers or teams included can be changed by the player. Players can change the game settings and controls. And, it is easy to add another partner into the campaign and assign settings of keys.

Gun Mayhem 3 has become much popular in the Gun Mayhem series and people enjoy playing it online. The features, characters and options allow players to take gaming in their hand and use effective ideas to get through the levels. Websites offer tutorial before start of the game and beginners can go through the tutorial to know more about the game.

Being a multiplayer game, this game is of high preference in the online action games. Shooting games are chosen largely by players and youngsters love to take it a challenge and win games in great style.  Designing characters in the game gives players a new level of challenge and they love to do it. People who are very fond of action or shooting wish to take this game online. With lots of websites delivering this game, it has become interesting for players to enter and enjoy shooting. Getting into the best gaming website offers an excellent gaming experience for players.

See more :  Olympus Rising

Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 6, 2016

Olympus Rising

Inheriting the style of a true strategy game online multiplayer, Olympus Rising is also built on the peak with graphic design technology and audio images most modern. This is sure to bring players the experience immensely impressive moments of suffocation while fighting enemy surprise attack or moments just shuddered when the opponent is first miscarriage can win your fortress. 

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In addition to the main quest, Olympus Rising has many challenges to test the player's own strength as the raid on the enemy base to gather information, hunt for treasure, unlock organisms such as Hydra assistance, Minotaur and Cyclops, and release the power of the ancient Greek gods, and build a powerful army from the legendary hero as Persues, Hercules or Helen of Troy.

Overall, the Olympus Rising is not merely a strategy game but also a place for gamers to explore the mythology and revive the ancient Greek gods.

See more  :   Superman Game

Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 5, 2016

Superman Game

Game Superman is one of the classic game offline with action game but unique with rare humor was built enormously successful. It is the humor with the construction of extremely funny character and lovely brings refreshing moments of comfort for players, especially the children of all ages. Coming to this game your task is to fight off his ability to use all the intelligence agility as well as their creativity to fight the bad guys to save the world and become superheroes list language. Do not hesitate any longer to download games 
.but also fighting in other words, offline or on the phone game and the experience come on!

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as: Free Online GamesGum Mayhem. It will be very interesting for you there.

Superman is an extremely familiar images of the childhood of each of you, right? And now the supernatural character which was adapted into the game Superman novel. Will surely bring you the wonderful moments helps you relive the beautiful childhood just help you relax with the fight against the bad guys the other evil. Some classic superhero game can not fail to mention such as gao superhero, superhuman dragon, five brothers superheroes, superheroes Deka, forests ... Superman. And there are many other games waiting for you to discover at the front.

Not only that the superhuman hero in the game extremely well with the magical virtuosity and ability to transform that only in Superman. Do you want to someday be played on a superhuman character with magical spells go help bring world peace for this beautiful world? This is not far from it right before your eyes. And think what that does not load right on your phone Superman game and make it your desire to do you!

See more  :   Fruits Game Angry

Fruits Game Angry

In all games, the game of PopCap angry fruits are the most dominant in the line or in this popular game offline. Despite the simple gameplay but with extreme addictive, game downloads angry fruit to battle offline. Essential is the task of the player that is planted with fruit available at home and grow them up to stop the zombies trying to attack your village. Think not that simple this game offline offline but without tactics is difficult there. Download the game to your phone right now to experience style styled offline!

Zombies are lurking everywhere in your village and they are preparing to attack, so had to do to be able to stop them. At that time the fruit is angry, then you can use them to fight the other zombies. It's easy for players just zombies trees and shot them in the village is not going to win. But to get angry fruit game for android, it requires your phone to be the GPRS or Wifi pitches then there will be a free game experience.

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as: Free Online GamesGum Mayhem. It will be very interesting for you there. 

Recently a series of continuous gamers out but we will have many similarities alike, but angry game free fruit content is completely different to its graphics have a special appeal that the game others can not get. So you may want to find out the appeal of one? If desired, pick up the phone and download the game to go mad about fruit. When you are new to the game will be the choice of the right plant for use in the war.

SEe more3D Driving

Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 5, 2016

3D Driving

IMPORTANT NOTICE dated September 1, 2015, Chrome game that requires 45 version of this browser plugin and unified content shokwav will not open. This application is completely made of chrome and management requirements only victims of our site is not the entire site. Unity and games require Shockwave plug-in Chrome browser other than you will have to play a different browser. I recommend Mozilla Firefox behalf no problems. addresses required for 3D games support, please visit

Description and How to Play?

A different areas, entertainment and 3D driving game of a new beta version of the car in the car using the game. Simulation and simulation car vehicles will participate in the games category Unity3D work with. It may take some time according to load size. Driving 3D Game Cars, Renault Clio Sport (the CityCar) Ferrari (a powerful sports car) Catamount (a powerful sports car) gmc Sierra Grande (an offroad vehicle)

Game joystick,
 the keyboard arrow keys or WASD keys we use the garage space (space) key
 Hand brake C keys,
change the camera angle (see inside, outside view, see below, etc.) R button,
 the vehicle regenerates (revised, making it suitable for driving),
the X button, use the clutch (on record)
F and V keys to change gears (upgrade equipment
F, V turn down) (move depending on preference) iN key will start the engine

Shift + R when you key in combination car repair is done (loaded vehicle)

PageUp and PageDown simulation package with keys between vehicles passed along to change the technical hardware and related software tools you choose to use keys B to see the change of the system I use keys hanging silk meters and to turn the cycle indicator N use the keyboard. M key and we shut the open upper right corner of the map is to slow our F1 game using the buttons (slow motion), for example, you made a good pass to the vehicle when the key F1 in a time when you can live better. Soccer F12 to turn the car, we used the car keys to restart the simulation ESC, use the key, then press the ESC key for 5-10 seconds you can hold. Note: The game control keys and the function of the vehicle 3d using our games, 3d games on our site games city driver 3D and 3D Driving similar games. You can try the information and advice in this game in this game. Driving 3D games from a square, an important hub for the game; - Game "Full Screen Play." Can play in solving your buttons and screen size - Haritay key M after the game is on, the N key for speed and you can turn off the tachometer. - Car keys with the car view (camera) you can change the angle. - To switch between vehicles, (different vehicles to choose from) PageUp or PageDown PC, notebook (laptop) computer PgUp or PgDn for on your keyboard. (Figure 2) good game. Remember, 3D Driving our site similar to other games 3d car games you can play.

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as: Free Online GamesGum Mayhem. It will be very interesting for you there

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